First Step: When ordering a portrait, contact me and we can go over what you are looking for. Then email your photos to me so I can go through them and find the ones that will best. After going through all your photos, we can discuss the size and composition of your portrait.
Email or mail your photos (mailed photos will be returned to you once the portrait is complete) so we can make a decision on the final portrait.
Completed Portrait: I will send you an email with photos of the completed portrait for your approval. Once you are completely satisfied with the results, your Pet's Portrait will be shipped to you via USPS.
Turnaround: Most portraits can be finished and shipped within three weeks from the time I get approval on the composition. During Holiday seasons the turnaround time is greater so if this is to be a Christmas present I would recommend getting the pictures to me at least a month or two in advance.
Charcoal Portrait Pricing:
     8x10 $195
     11x14 $295
     14x18 $375
     16x20 $475
Colored Pencil/Pastel Portrait Pricing:
     8x10 $350
     11x14 $475
     14x18 $700
     16x20 $950
*Pricing is on Finished size, ready for framing. All Portraits come matted in an Ivory mat.
Prices reflect head only. Full body portrait and backgrounds are an additional $50-$200 depending on size and complexity. Additional pets can be added (except for the 8x10) for additional 50% of the size price. EX: Two dogs in an 11x14 would be $295 + $148
For more complex portraits and odd sizes, prices will be discussed and agreed upon before portrait is started.
You can use the form below to contact me with orders, questions or comments. Or email me your photos at so we can discuss creating an original piece of art of your pet.





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